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Have you got an idea for a website or app and not sure where to go or who to talk to about it? We offer a consultation service at our place or yours.

We know web and apps back to front. We not only build and manage small and large scale web and mobile apps for our clients, but run our own successful online web app Email Signature Rescue and mobile app Raining.fm too.

"Other web agencies only talk the talk, we walk the walk too."

If you need advice, a plan forward or just someone to talk to to make sense of your own ideas, we're here to help.

When (and if) you are ever ready to bring your ideas to life, we can help with that too.

Seven Deadly Website Sins

There are seven deadly website sins which can mean an online business isn't successful, or doesn't even get off the ground.

Not knowing your customers

Learn what customers would value from your website, or understand how it could add value and support your customer service - not knowing means your website is based on a guess about what you think they’d like.

Trying to do it yourself

To save you money, time and effort, know the extent of your abilities so you realise early if you need help. When choosing a website builder to help, insist on samples of their work and details of their technical skills. Try to find a business with a track record in using all the skills you need to build the website. Spell out your precise website requirements, get quotes, get details of what, how and when they will deliver.

Making demands your business can't meet

Make sure you quickly answer email queries, keep prices are up-of-date, and get goods delivered on time.

Bad design

Customers often form their first impression about your business by looking at your website, sometimes even before they read a brochure or speak to your staff. Build a professional looking website, use a writing style to suit your audience, give useful information, and help customers find information quickly (less than 10 seconds if possible).

Wrong choice of web hosting service

Choose a web hosting service with effective security and email safe-guards, and reliable service. Think about the functions you might need to add to your website in the future, and check if the hosting service supports these.

No marketing

Don't overlook marketing the website. For clients to find it, mention it in your brochures, adverts etc, and ask other websites to 'cross link' to you. Investigate how you can improve your chances of search engines listing your website in their results.

Not planning for ongoing maintenance

Once the website is finished, you'll need to turn your thoughts to some new tasks to make sure the website supports your business. Some tasks are: upgrading any software, updating the content, making sure the web host service do their job and training staff. Inform your staff about the site and how you will run it.

Read more at - http://www.business.vic.gov.au/BUSVIC/STANDARD/PC_50963.html

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