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Rockstar Games release GTA V mobile apps

In support of the worldwide release of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games have released two amazing apps that will enhance and aid your game experience, and better yet, are 100% free!

The free "iFruit" mobile app connects directly into your GTA V experience featuring a number of different mini apps.

Los Santos Customs offers players the freedom to create their dream car from anywhere. On the toilet, at the beach, or on a rollercoaster. It's things like this that are changing the gaming industry in huge ways, and Rockstar Games have just set the bar even higher for it. You can create your own personalised license plates via mobile, then reserve them for ONLY your use in game on GTA V or GTA Online! From your mobile, choose from a range of paint jobs, window tints, smoke colours, wheels, hoods and spoilers. Upgrade the mechanics in your car, the engine, brakes, exhaust, suspension and don't forget to accessorize that new beast of yours with new lights, horns, tires and even body armor for when you're rollling around in the streets. Place the order via mobile, and you'll find it in your garage the next time you play Grand Theft Auto V. Better still, give your mate a shot with the controller while you sit back creating your dream car, once done, he'll get a call from the local mechanic telling him the new car's ready for pick up!

Chop the Dog lets you tend to your loving pets needs even when you can't be at the console. With great depth of content, high production values, and one thing no mobile app can go without - defecation. Chop is Franklin's canine sidekick in GTA V, and depending on how well you look after him in the mobile app, determines how big of a reward you'll reap in game. Pet him, feed him, teach him tricks, play fetch or tug-o-war, pick up his defecation. But beware, too much or too little interaction will cause him to become one upset Rotty, and that's the last thing you want! Take Chop for a walk and let him mark his turf in the hood by defending his ladies, fending off rival gang members, and even removing the bikinis off girls trying to sunbake on the beaches of Los Santos.

Lifeinvader is a bit of a quirky facebook rip off. You can stalk friends, only to then see all their super artistic photos that they've taken in-game start clogging up your 'news feed', or even claim free paint jobs for your sweet ride by stalking Los Santos Customs.

Although currently not built into the app, there has been talk that iFruit will be updated regularly and will have some major additions in the future, one being the inclusion of the GTA V stock market, allowing you to buy and sell your in-game shares via the mobile app.

The other mobile app is The Manual which is exactly what it sounds like, it's virtually a game guide/manual for Grand Theft Auto V.

Rockstar's reasoning behind it, is that because this game is just so ridiculously huge in every aspect, they simply couldn't fit all the information into a little booklet inside the game case. So what have they done? They've built a massive 100+ page mobile app that's compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop and has all the informaton you'll ever need when it comes to in-game help. Grand Theft Auto V: The Manual has everything from practical and essential Game Controls, Features, Weapons Database and Credits info to a tour through activites, local shops and brands in the game. But the best part, is a fully interactive special digital version of the game map to zoom in and explore with an interactive legend that allows you to browse neighbourhoods all over the vast world of Los Santos and Blaine County. Although the manual provides you with all the important stuff you need to know, they've also done a great job at keeping the game personal and light hearted, for example, their in-game local sponsors. Much like you'd see ads on a website, they've got ads on their app, but don't worry! It's not your generic ad. The last one i saw read "Los Santos Customs - Come in by for state of the art Rim Jobs, if you don't leave with polished chrome we didn't do our job." Well played Rockstar.

Both of these free digital apps are available for download now, however the apps for Android is yet to be released and will be available in the near future.

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