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FREE One Page Essential SEO Guide

We have developed a really simple ONE page Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimisation for Australian Businesses. Our Essential Guide covers some really simple SEO techniques that if implemented on your website, will help your business achieve better success online.

FREE One Page Essential SEO Guide

Aerogels Australia website launches today

Aerogels Australia recently hired Div Party to complete a redesign of the Aerogels Australia website. Our main objective was to showcase Aerogels Australia's three main products in an easy to understand fashion, and secondly to provide a modern and corporate look, inline with their highly professional standards and corporate clients. We believe we delivered on all fronts.

Are advertising people normal?

Those who work in advertising often wonder if they live in a sort of bubble. You wonder, are civilians as active on social media and as inclined to pay attention to what brands are doing on Twitter, and is the rest of the world as preoccupied with that award-winning ad campaign that industry types can’t stop talking about?

Best Design for Wedding Venue Websites

First off, yay, I got engaged on March 1st to my lovely partner and the Creative Director of Div Party, Neil Lockwood.

But secondly, and more importantly to this story, I have gained a new perspective when looking at wedding venue websites and what Im looking for when I visit these websites. I thought I would share these new insights with you, to help you to think about where your current wedding venue website might be lacking and to give you some ideas on what you can talk about with your website designer, if you are thinking of updating your wedding venue website or creating a new wedding venue website.


The Facts

I'll start off with some simple facts about how many people are searching for wedding venues online in Australia. The following information is provided by Google and is a monthly average of the following keyword searches Australia.

Keyword Local Monthly Searches (Australia)
wedding venues 110000
wedding function rooms 480
wedding function 3600
winter wedding venues 140
weird wedding venues 16
weddings venues 6600
weddings sydney 9900
wedding reception venues 60500
wedding websites 2900
wedding venus 320
wedding venues with accommodation 320
wedding venues western sydney 390
wedding venues sydney 12100
wedding venues sa 480
wedding venues perth 5400
wedding venues penrith 210
wedding venues parramatta 170
wedding venues nsw 3600
wedding venues melbourne 12100
wedding venues in sydney 12100
wedding venues hunter valley 1000
wedding venues gold coast 2900
halls for wedding reception 27100
winery wedding 5400
  1. Photos! Photos! Photos! - Photos are so important and the larger the better. You should provide slideshows and galleries of all function rooms you offer, both when they are empty to allow the bride to be to visualise how she would set it up and several images of function rooms decorated to different tastes. If you offer ceremony areas or other facilities - make sure you include photos of all of these.
  2. Wedding Package PDF - Most websites I have been looking at provide a good, comprehensive PDF detailing all information about the wedding packages they offer, the cost and the terms and conditions. If you don't have one of these available, or at the very least a contact form where visitors will be assured you will send this information to them, then you're missing out. I am saving all the Wedding Package PDFs to my computer to go through and compare later.

Caine's Arcade: Short Film

Caine Monroy is a 9-year old boy who spent his summer vacation building an elaborate DIY cardboard arcade in his dad’s used auto parts store.

Take a look at this short film to see how his dreams turned to reality.

Cute safety video becomes viral sensation

A horrifyingly catchy Melbourne Metro Trains transport safety ad has become an unlikely internet smash despite, or perhaps because of, its gruesome subject matter.

With the video clocking up 4.7 million views in 1 week, this song is sure to be stuck in your head after watching.